Frequently Asked Questions

We always get asked several different questions regarding our photo booth hire service. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the most asked questions and have answered them for you. We hope the following information will be useful as you decide which photo booth company you will choose.


1. How much space will I need?  The maximum space needed for our photo booths is 2 metres wide x 3 metres deep x 2.1 metres high.

2. What if I don’t have the maximum space? If your venue does not have the available space, we can remove the bollards and carpet. This will require a space of 2 metres wide x 2 metres deep x 2.1 metres high. Alternatively, our photo booth can be used as an open style (without curtains). This will definitely save on space. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your options even more.

3. How do I secure my date? A deposit is required to save/secure your date.

4. How can I pay my deposit? Payments can be made via bank transfer or via our online pay pal invoice which allows you to use your visa or mastercard.

5. What if I decide to cancel my booking? Cancellations after 10 days of making your deposit will not be given a refund. This is because we have reserved the date for you and have turned away potential customers.

6. When do I need to pay my balance? Outstanding payments must be paid within one month of your event/delivery date. We will send you a reminder and an updated statement as your event gets closer.

7. Do you charge for idle time? Our business does not charge for idle time

8. When will you set up the photo booth? We will co-ordinate set up with your venue and arrange the appropriate time. We will set up prior to your event and pack up once your event concludes.

9. How much time do you need for setting up? We allow between 1-2 hours for set up.

10. When does the hire time start? Your hire period starts from when your first photo is taken.

11. Can the photo booth be placed outside? The photo booth can be placed outside, provided it is protected from the elements. Therefore, under a marquee, garage etc.

12. Can I choose my own green screen images? Yes, if you have chosen to have the green screen feature in your hire, then as the hiree, you have the option to choose your own images. These must be emailed to us no later than two weeks before your event. Please note that offensive images that are either violent, have mature themes or vulgar language will not be accepted by Blush & Pose Photography as a green screen image.

13. Can I have a logo as my personalised message for the bottom of my photo strips? Yes. The logo/design to be added to the bottom of the photo strips must be emailed no later than two weeks before your event. Please note that Blush & Pose Photography does not design logos.

14. What if the photo booth malfunctions during my event? Should the photo booth malfunction during the hire period, the hiree must contact the hirer immediately at the time of the incident so that the hirer has an opportunity to rectify the problem.

15. What if props are damaged or lost at the end of my hire period? Should our props be damaged or lost upon the conclusion of your event/hire, you will be charged for any damaged or missing props if the value exceeds £20.

16. What if I use the photo booth more than the hire period for which I have booked? If you go over your hire time, then you will be charged £50 for every hour or £25 for every 30 minutes of overtime.