When it comes to your wedding, choosing the right photographer is paramount. We understand and recognise that your wedding is something that you have probably dreamed of for a long time so it’s only natural that choosing the right photographer is important. You are also trusting someone to capture the biggest day of your life and lets be honest, you want them to do an amazing job and go above and beyond. Your photographer should be someone you not only trust, but also feel comfortable with. You will be inviting someone to such an intimate event and possibly into your home, so it’s important you have some sort of rapport before the big day. It’s vital that you feel at ease with your photographer.

As photographers, we encourage meeting up with our clients to discuss all things wedding so that we get to know each other. Plus, we love hearing couple stories on how you got engaged. We offer our customers a chance to meet at a convenient coffee shop or at your venue. This is also a time for us to show you more of our work.

You should also know what to expect for the price you are paying. Are you getting two photographers, do you get an album or is this extra. Make sure you ask questions and understand the agreement you have.

Another area to consider before deciding on a photographer is that you should also know or have some sort of idea on their photography style. For us, we love natural without too much processing. We believe that less is more. So make sure you check out different photographer’s online portfolio and don’t be afraid to ask to see more of their work before you commit.