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It’s definitely no secret that the best part of most birthdays is usually the cake, right? What’s even better is seeing your baby covered in frosting from head to toe. If you’re thinking about organising a cake smash photo shoot for your little one then these are becoming increasingly popular when your baby turns one, as a way to document this milestone moment in their life. This may also be a milestone for the parents too, because let’s be honest, you’ve probably endured a lot of late nights, worry and stress, along with all the joy that motherhood brings. It’s a fun and unique way to capture your baby’s curiosity and personality at such a young age. The results produce an abundance of cuteness as your baby experiences frosting and makes a beautiful mess. Some parents choose to arrange the cake smash photography session in the weeks leading up to the first birthday, so that final images can be used as part of birthday invitations. There are many photographers who provide cake smash photo shoots, so do your research to see what you like.


Generally, many photographers set aside 1-2 hours for cake smash sessions, including myself. This gives the parents and photographer time to settle the baby if need be, as well as allowing for change of set ups. Sessions tend to begin by portrait photos first, while baby is clean and gorgeous, followed by the cake smashing.


Most offer simple colour theme choices with balloons, banners and various decorations as well as the choice of some stunning backdrops. Have some colour ideas in mind or talk to your photographer about their most popular colour combinations and what works well if you’re unsure. Your photographer will work with you to create a custom theme so that the session is personal to you.

Cake Smash Photo Shoot


While some will also include the cake in their pricing, others opt to let you bring the cake, especially if your baby has some dietary requirements. Purchasing your own cake also helps to keep the session cost down. Keep in mind that the cake is there to be picked at and destroyed, so if you are planning on providing your own, remember that you don’t have to have anything extravagant, unless of course you want to. Sponge cakes can often be easy for those mini hands to break, as they are quite soft to handle, but gorgeous buttercream icing makes a cake stand out while also creating a beautiful mess…but be sure to choose your icing colour wisely. Some colours do stain more than others. Avoid fondant as it is hard and tough to break through and can also be a choking hazard. Another thing to remember is what your baby doesn’t eat, you get to take home and eat it yourself! What a bonus!

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If you’re someone who wants to do things a little differently and don’t wish to have an actual cake, there are plenty of other options which make great alternatives. Why not try pancakes or making your own ‘fruit’ cake using watermelon and various fruits of your choice. This a fantastic substitute, especially if your little one has dairy intolerances. Donuts with sprinkles are also fun alternatives or why not try cupcakes for something smaller which your baby may even handle with curiosity.


There’s no doubt that a cake smash session will get messy.

Due to the fact that there will be sticky face and fingers as well as icing covered clothing and feet, you may be asked to bring along your own outfit for the shoot. These can be as plain or as cute as you want. You can even go for the nappy look – just add a cute nappy cover over the top. However, some studios/photographers will have outfits included in the price.

Cake Smashing Photography


Many baby cake smash sessions take place inside the photographers studio, while some still do offer outdoor photos. For indoor sessions and for easy clean up of the aftermath, photos are normally taken on vinyl backdrops. This allows for easy cleaning of the vinyl using a damp cloth. However, some frosting colours may stain the backdrops, so always discuss your options with your photographer before hand.

In addition, having a spare change of clothes will be beneficial at the end, as your photographer will likely have a mini bubble bath on hand, ready for a quick wash and to snap a few extra photos.


I love taking photos on my phone because it’s so easy, so I totally understand the question. However, professional, high quality images is something that just can’t be beat. Beautifully crafted images with high resolution are meant to be printed for the walls and this is what professional photography is all about.


Many photographers will not include any images in the initial fee. Once your session has taken place, you will normally arrange a viewing appointment (this can vary from 1 to 3 weeks after your initial photo shoot) to view and select the images you wish to purchase.  These can be in the way of digital files or beautiful tangible products such as wall art, canvas or albums. Your photographer will provide you with packages they offer, allowing you to choose a selected amount of digital files or a package.


While it may take a little bit of time to get your baby comfortable among all the decorations and in front of the camera, once your baby warms up to the situation, there’s no doubt there will be plenty of adorable photos for you to goo and gah over. If you have arranged a professional photographer, then they’ll already have they’re own tricks to try and get those images you’re hoping for, especially for all those adorable facial expressions for when they try their cake for the first time. Don’t forget that these cake smashing photography shoots are all about having fun. Whether your little one dives into the cake or whether they just pick at it, try not to stress about all those exact photos you were hoping to come out of the photo shoot.

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