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  When it comes to your wedding, choosing the right photographer is paramount. We understand and recognise that your wedding is something that you have probably dreamed of for a long time so it's only natural that choosing the right photographer is important. You...

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Our photo booth has been popular for many Asian events such as weddings and birthdays. As a small business, we cater for many cultures and ensure your experience with us is nothing short of amazing. Customers choose us because they know they are hiring a quality...

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We often meet couples who just want the no fuss, easy kind of wedding, which is why they choose to tie the knot at a registry office. This option certainly proves to be hassle free as there's no need to do a lot of planning or having to think about all the people you...

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We met Jen and Antony earlier this year and were lucky enough to capture some engagement photos for them. Fast forward a number of months, they then tied the knot amongst a handful of close family in Scotland in late September this year. Following this, they...

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As a chance for couples to get to know us and/or before deciding to choose us as their wedding photographers, we offer a complimentary pre-wedding photo shoot. A good place to have these taken is at your venue. This gives us all a chance to view the venue together and...

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Photo Booths are increasing in popularity and are being seen in more and more weddings as well as special events such as engagements, corporate functions, school fairs, fundraisers, baby showers and birthdays. Many years ago, “photo booths” could be seen/found in...

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      We know how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding, including all the reception details  such as decorations on the tables and chairs, and don't forget the wedding cake! A professional photographer will be able to capture all of this...

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Rehearsals are becoming less and less frequent in the UK, therefore, many brides find their special day to be chaotic and have no idea what is actually happening during their wedding ceremony. We meet so many couples who haven't thought through the ceremony step by...

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Tissington Hall Engagement Shoot


Recently we visited Tissington Hall to meet one of our couples who will be tying the knot here in 2019. We took the opportunity to take some photos in different locations around this beautiful wedding venue. The venue has stunning gardens and there are multiple options for wedding photos.

If you would like to book an engagement shoot with us you can reach us by phone, email or Facebook. We offer free engagement shoots for all our wedding photography customers. These sessions can be at your venue or another convenient location. Check out our prices here. Also don’t forget about our amazing photo booths.

Gold Curtain Range

Our gold curtain range is just stunning. The satin material is gorgeous and will really make a statement at your event. Our customers love it because of the very classy look it gives and really creates that “wow” factor. All your guests will no doubt be impressed. The image quality is also beautiful and classic. It won’t disappoint.

Red Curtain Range

Our red curtain option is what most of our customers tend to choose. It goes well with the added red carpet and really helps to lift the room for any occasion. It really is elegant and we make sure that you and your guests are looking amazing! Don’t settle for grainy, dull images. You won’t be disappointed with the photos and/or photo strips.

Black Curtain Range

Our black curtain choice has been quite popular for corporate events and gala dinners. It provides a very sophisticated feel and the images look like studio photos.

We take “photo booths” to a new level and even more so with our black curtain option.

Open Booth

If you think that space is going to be a problem at your reception, then why not use our booth open style. This allows you to be creative by coming up with your own back ground or why not use the venue to create a back drop just as this bride used these gorgeous barn doors. It tied in well with their country theme.

Entertain Children

Our photo booths are a great way to keep guests entertained, especially kids! Our booths are ideal for children’s parties too. Why not get them to pose in front of their favourite cartoon show or character. Kids have a lot of energy and aren’t easily bored by doing the same thing over and over again, so it’s the perfect entertainer.

Green Screen Fun

Many of our customer’s choose to customise their green screen images to incorporate a theme. This creates even more fun for you and you guests and also gives them a chance to dress up and wear funoutfits. Photo booths are all about capturing photos that will make you look back with a smile and/or laugh.

Check out some of the themes our customers have had in the past. Some have chosen themes such as 1920’s, fairytale, medieval, boats and the list could go on. We are happy to provide up to 10 images to use as your backgrounds. Talk to us today for more information on how we can help.



Elegant & Classy

Weddings are a big chunk of our work which means we have a lot of brides to impress! One of the main reasons why bride’s to be choose us is because of the elegant and classy appearance of our booths. Our photo booths really make an impression; not only to everyone who gets to see it, but to those that have the opportunity to experience it! They’re also a great conversation starter too! Most of the brides we engage with generally choose the red curtain. It is beautiful and stands out. Don’t forget you can also opt for the white or gold curtain option if this suits your colour/theme better.

Our photo booths are fast becoming the most popular booths in Manchester and the Greater Manchester area. Don’t leave it too late to book with us!

Fun For All Ages

Our booths bring people together. So whether it be a wedding, engagement or birthday, it’s the perfect place to have photos taken with family. Not only are our booths designed for they young, but also for those older. Why not enjoy a photo with your grandparents or even use it to have an updated family photo! Our images are premium, studio quality which allows you to print them off and have them enlarged as a keepsake.

Corporate Functions/Fundraisers

Not only do our booths appear at weddings, but they are also very popular at corporate events. Whether it be an end of year party or promotion, why not capture those candid photos using our photo booth.

It’s also an opportunity to get out of those corporate clothing, put your party frock on, use our fun range of props and let loose your silly side!

Again, our photo booths will be the life of the party and you’ll have some hilarious photos to look back on and have as memories.

Photo Booth Images/Quality

Photo Booths are a dime a dozen and with so many available it can be difficult to choose the best one! We believe that the best way to know what the quality of the photos are going to be like is to view the images on the website. Many websites display black and white images because the color quality of their photos is very low. When competitors display color photos they often appear very washed out, grainy and/or fuzzy. This is a result of poor lighting. Our Booths are equipped with professional studio strobe lighting in order to create the best possible quality photographs. When you choose to hire a Booth in the Manchester or Greater area, compare the photos you see on our competitors websites with the photos you see here. Not only do our Photo Booths look amazing, they capture amazing photos as well. Be sure to choose your booth wisely! Contact us for more information.

Kathleen & Clancy's Wedding



High school sweathearts, Kathleen and Clancy had a beautiful wedding ceremony. Their backdrop was a gorgeous country setting of slightly rolling hills, tall trees and sheep in the distance. They were blessed with a beautiful November day. They shared their vows surrounded by their close family and friends, approximately 80 guests. It was lovely and a real pleasure to witness their vows and photograph their special day.

Darren & Sevda's Wedding

JULY 2016


We had the privilege of not only witnessing two cultures come together, but also two families. Set among picturesque gum trees and grassy, rolling foothills, their location was a perfect backdrop for their wedding. With their love built on strong faith and the foundation of God, we witnessed two Christians affirm their vows before their close family and friends as well as before God. They entered into their marriage covenant believing that it is a life long committment, for better or for worse. What an honour it was to have had the opportunity to photograph their day.

Elvis Uses Our Booth

Elvis Presley is alive and well… and even marrying couples. How do we know this?. . . because he popped into one of our photo booths after pronouncing the happy couple as husband and wife. Lucky our Photo Booth captures high quality images and we managed to capture some great pictures of ‘Elvis’ and his family. Our Photo Booths are the absolute highest quality in Manchester and they look fantastic at any event. Congratulations to Jamie & Rachel on your wedding day. Our Photo Booths are growing in popularity and people are leaving the old box booths behind and choosing to go with our Premium Photo Booths.

Why would you settle for anything less! Be sure to contact us early  to secure your date as soon as possible.

Brian & Melissa's Wedding


On Saturday 12th March 2016, we had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of Brian & Melissa. Set at a beautiful reserve, their small, but intimate wedding was surrounded by their close family and friends. Through the eyes of photographers, not only was their day a joy to capture, but also a joy to witness and be a part of. Wedding Photography is such an important aspect of your special day because they capture memories long after the day has finished.

Virtual Tours

Don’t forget we also offer virtual tours to help promote your business. It’s a fantastic way for any business to gain more interest. The venue below was set up beautifully and certainly plenty of space for weddings here. This service is hard to find in the Manchester area, so again, be sure to contact us as soon as possible


Recently we had the opportunity to create a virtual tour for our local Golf Club. It is an absolutely stunning golf course. I had a great time connecting with the staff and driving around the golf course on the golf buggies. This is a great place to relax and play golf with incredible seaside and coastal views. There are regular golf competitions on the weekends and there are many longstanding members among this golfing community. It was a real privilege to create this virtual tour for the. They also cater for weddings and have a wedding venue with plenty of room for a large reception, dance floor, DJ’s and of course Photo Booths. Be sure to check out our Photo Booths which are second to none and available at a great price. All in all, this is a wonderful place for a wedding and the venue has some nice locations for wedding photography.

Virtual tour created by Blush & Pose Photo Booth Hire