Wedding Photography Bolton


We are a husband and wife photography team from Australia. We moved to Manchester UK in January 2018. We are passionate about wedding photography and photography in general. As a husband and wife team we compliment each other with our different skills and perspectives. Being both male and female, we are able to photograph both the bride and the groom getting ready for their big day. This allows us to capture all the great moments including the laughs, jokes and all the nervousness that takes place before the ceremony.  We try to let our images speak for themselves and as you can see our photographs exhibit our high standards. We like our photos to be timeless and so we don’t add any quirky filters or color grades. We want you to look back on your photo gallery in twenty years time and know that you picked the right photographers.  


Asian Weddings

We have done quite a number of Asian weddings as well as Somalian and Palestinian weddings throughout Greater Manchester. We love the culture and the food. The traditional dresses and outfits that we get to see and photograph are simply stunning. We know how to organise all your family and friends so that we get pictures of every single guest with the bride and groom. To be honest we find Asian weddings much easier to photograph then others. If you want to view our galleries please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.  

Happy to travel 

Although we are based in Manchester we are more then happy to travel and do your wedding photography in Bolton. As Australians, we are used to driving long distances. We travel all over the UK and even do photography in Europe. If you want to meet up with us at a cafe near you and view more of our images please feel free to email or call.

We hope you have enjoyed perusing our images, don’t forget to check out our featured weddings and prices page. We also have Facebook and Instagram pages which we regularly upload pictures to. Finally, don’t forget to take a look at our photo booth which we brought all the way from Australia. 

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