Photo Booth Quality

A picture can say a thousand words, so as soon as you see the images on our website, we know we’ve given you the wow factor. We take our photo booth quality seriously. As soon as you step onto the red carpet and go behind the curtains, you won’t want to leave. Our booths are modern and elegant and you and your guests won’t be disappointed. So call us today to secure your date. We cater for weddings, engagements, birthdays, corporate and fundraiser events.

Pro Camera's

Professional digital SLR camera’s and studio strobe lighting systems are set up by professional photographers in order to create the best studio quality images. Our Photo Booths will provide a pack of entertainment throughout your event and also gives your guests a break from the dance floor.

Unlimited Printing

Your photos will be printed using our high end quality lab printers within 14 seconds. All photos will be laminated and cut to the size of your choice. The great thing about our booths is that there is no limit to the amount of photos which can be printed.

Change any background

Our photo booths have the option of including green screen technology, which enables you and your guests to choose from our amazing range of backdrops, which further adds to the fun and excitement of the occasion. Backgrounds from Paris, Venice, New York and all around the world! Its as simple as picking the background you want from the options in the booth to replace the green background. This option allows us create a separate and unique gallery of background images that best suits your wedding or event theme. This is a feature that sets us apart from our competitors.

Premium Quality

If you’re looking for a ‘cheap’ photo booth, then you have come to the wrong place. We deliver premium quality to Manchester and surrounding areas. Once you’ve seen the alternative photo booth options from our competitors, then ask yourself the question…what photo booth would you want at your wedding!? We certainly wouldn’t want something ugly. Don’t leave it too late to book with us.

Room to Move

Our photo booth design moves away from the traditional boxed booths which most of us know or can picture in our minds. Our photo booths give you and your guests the room to move. The curtains not only help to give privacy, but also the opportunity to move around and squeeze in as many people. Our photo booths can comfortably fit nine people.